Become a member

When the previous village shop closed it had a big impact on the community. We lost a meeting place and a vital community service. 

Soon after the shop closed a group of local residents got together and decided to create a local shop that was owned, run and for the benefit of the local community. The community shop was born. 

The hallmark of a community shop is community control: It is an enterprise that is owned, managed and staffed by the community in which it serves. The community shop model makes having a shop in the heart of Bishop Wilton possible. 

Our community shop has been a massive success story and has proven a vital lifeline for the community. The shop has really brought the community together and having a shop really adds to village life.

You can become a member and be a part of the journey. As a member you can have your say on how the shop is run and ensure its continued success.

Why become a member?

If you want there to continue to be a shop in Bishop Wilton and want to be a part of the community that makes this possible then becoming a member is the right thing for you to do. The shop is enabled by having members. 

Benefits of becoming a member:

What does being a member involve?

Once you are a member you will receive ongoing communications about the shop. Things like key news, big changes and member matters. You will also be invited to our Annual Members Meeting – a popular social event – and have the chance to vote on key issues. 

There is no commitment to being actively involved in the shop on a regular basis.

Who can become a member?

Anyone who is 16 years old or older can apply to become a member.


To become a member you buy one share in our community shop which costs £10.

Becoming a member is really straightforward. Complete this online form and follow the instructions to buy your £10 share. 

You can also pick up a paper application form from the shop.

If your membership application is accepted, the team will be in touch with the next steps.