A huge thank you to everyone who came to our recent event, it was very well attended and we received fabulous feedback from you all. Everyone was particularly interested in the community spirited ideas such as pre ordering breads and cakes and services such as a drop off/pick up of – for example, fish from the weekly fish van. Thank you for completing the ‘Shopping Lists’, they are providing all the essential information that we need. The Bishop Wilton Community Shop will have all the day to day basics plus treats such as those everyone enjoyed at ‘A Taste of Things to Come’.

Thank you again to the community of Bishop Wilton – we are all in this together!


We have now raised £36,000 through share applications with £16,000 still needed to hit the target. Huge thanks to all of you who have already applied for shares. Here are three great reasons to buy shares (or buy some more!)

1. We’ll get a shop for the benefit of the whole community and the environment. The shop will provide convenience and great local produce as well as a place to meet, have a chat or a coffee. As a shareholder you become a member of the Community Benefit Society, Bishop Wilton Community Shop Ltd and will have a say in how the shop is run and what benefits it provides to the community.

2. You should be able to get half of your investment back from the tax man. Our application for Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme status for the share offer was recently approved. This means if you are a UK taxpayer you should be able to claim a tax refund of 50% of the amount invested. Further details about this very generous incentive are available on our website. Alternatively drop us an email or call David Gaskin on 07803 023842 if you have any questions.

3. If you own a house locally, having a shop should increase its value. It is well established that having a local shop along with other local amenities enhances house prices in the area. Some attribute as much as 5% to this.

Now is the time to buy shares or more shares as the share offer closes on 9th June. We have attached an application form for your convenience, but if you want to apply and haven’t already seen our prospectus please take a look at this. If you live in the parish it should have been delivered through your door in April but it is also available on our website.